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We specialize in providing customers with a broad selection of engine parts in new surplus, overhauled, and serviceable condition from the early eighties gas turbines into the twenty-first century new generation jet engines at a very competitive pricing. We also provide customers with inventory and asset management services and inventory consignment services with the purpose of helping are customers reduce their overall inventory costs and also meeting their ever demanding goal. What the customer can expect from us is that the components, parts and units are supplied in the highest quality attached with excellent tracing records.

MK Industries Aviation Management

  • Engine Maintenance

  • Engine Shop Visit

  • Material Support

       - Engine part component inventory is obtained and acquired from a variety of reliable sources: FAA, JAA approved manufacturer, Airlines and Surplus provider, Consignment Inventory Stock, Disassembled engine modules and engines.

  • Full Set Management

      - Our complete set management programs coordinates the overhaul, repair, modification or inspection of a set through the process and assures replacement for components deemed non-repairable are available in order to return a complete engine set to the customer. This service allows the customer to better budget and control costs while ensuring the engine build schedule to be met.

  • Technical Services

  • Financial Services

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